SECA / DROUGHT (part 1)

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Concept and choreography: Birgitte Bauer-Nilsen
Dancers: Thomas Johansen (NO), Alexander Montgomery-Andersen (GL),
Ana Jülia Paiva (BR), Ludmilla Ferrare (BR) and Caroline Rodrigues (BR).
Installation artist: Marianne Grønnow
LIght design:  Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Light assistent: Katja Andreassen
Composer:  Kim Helweg

 Drought is an increasing problem, mainly due to climate changes in the anthroposcene era.

The performative dance installation DROUGHT shows us how an original population ritually worships the sun, but development means that this ritual's focal point changes.

Now the progress is being worshiped instead. More crops, higher houses, deforestation etc.

This force brings focus away from the rhythm of nature and towards global warming, where the drought is increased in scale.

This causes a "drought of culture"; the thought dries out, the ritual loses its centre, the skin and bodies dry out and crack.

The music in DROUGHT is based on a toner sequence that originates from the quantum mechanics’ first series of quantum leaps (the so-called Lymann series), later mixed with phrases inspired by music from original population of Brazil. Both types of music are characterized by quartons mixed with pentatone scales and express the encounter between a modern insight and an ancient ritual.

The vertical glittering columns of the scene can refer both to organic nature; rushes in the wind, dry leaves that rattles, and the cities' artificial lights and high-rise buildings that strive towards the sky. They are the totem puppets that are danced, whether it is nature or civilization that is at the centre.

The costumes are inspired by the indigenous skirts. The drawings on the body of the dancers are geometric, and it is not intended to reflect specific ritual patterns.

During the creation process we have worked with interdisciplinary meetings. Within the dance, music and installation, new translocal dialogues have been created through the physical presence.


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